Oras — 2016

Oras faucet





Project type

  • Web service
  • Commission
  • UI/UX design
  • Web development
  • Concept strategy
Made together with wonderful people from Mediasignal and Hasan & Partners.

Oras is a significant developer, manufacturer and marketer of kitchen and bathroom faucets. Each technical detail in the products is designed to promote the efficient use of water and energy. We were asked to create an extensive web service solution for Europe's leading faucet manufacturer.

After several iterations the Oras brand was modernised entirely in connection with the web service overhaul. The web service was used to create a bold and distinct image of Oras and to strongly highlight the brand's new promise.

Oras woman showering
Oras man showering
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Oras products overview
Oras blog
Oras kitchen experience
Oras homepage hero
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Oras sense faucet
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Oras man showering
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