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Joonas Sandell
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I'm creative developer and designer based in Helsinki, Finland. Currently working for Biocode.

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Joonas Sandell

I’m Joonas β€” Front-end developer, art director and sometimes even a music producer. I have a strong passion for all aspects of product and visual design, including web and mobile services, branding and software development. I love designing in the browser but I work a lot with Figma and other design tools as well.

With more than a decade of experience in the design and software industry, I have the skills to assist clients in addressing practical business challenges.

In my spare time I like to hang out with my family, create music, follow eSports, play games and bicycle.

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Art direction β€” Product design β€” Visual design β€” Web & mobile design β€” Interaction design β€” Animation β€” Art direction
HTML β€” MobX β€” Next.js β€” JavaScript β€” GSAP β€” TypeScript β€” React β€” Node.js β€” Framer motion β€” SASS β€” Redux
TYPO3 β€” WordPress β€” PHP β€” MongoDB β€” Firebase β€” MySQL β€” AWS β€” Apache β€” Unix
Design systems β€” Photoshop β€” Illustrator β€” Rive β€” Figma β€” Sketch β€” Indesign β€” Design systems
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Avecra, Biocode, Bonnier Books (Academic bookstore), Caverion, City of Tampere, Coxa, Dahl, Ekovilla, Enervent, Fair trade, Finefoods, Finnpark, Hankkija, Hansa, Himos Festivals, HK Scan, Holiday Club, Hotelzon, HuhtahyvΓ€t, HW-Company, Jatke, Jollas, Katepal, Kesla, Luke, Mediasignal, NCC, Omoroi, Oras, Paunu, SEY, SOS-LapsikylΓ€, TAKK, Ursa, Vapriikki, YIT
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