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  • Web app
  • Web service
  • Commission
  • Product design
  • App development
  • Web development
Building together with awesome co-workers from Biocode.

Biocode is Carbon footprint calculator that makes sense. It's aimed for food brands, producers and farmers. It’s an easy tool for tackling the reporting chaos and clearly communicating environmental values to customers.

I'm currently working for Biocode as lead product designer and front-end developer. I'm responsible for crafting our design system and making sure our application's code stays manageable. Work samples here are mainly from the latest brand redesign which included iconography, logo design and website renewal from my part.

Biocode homepage and isometric Biocode application
'Who Biocode is for' cards and call to action to sign up for Biocode
Four main Biocode features and quote of Biocode's customer
Call to action to discover Biocode reporting service
Biocode application icon
Biocode for producers mark
Biocode for products mark
Biocode for reporting mark
Example of Biocode's easy to use card
About us page of Biocode homepage
Example of Biocode's agile card
Example of Biocode's insightful card
Example of Biocode's credible card
Biocode feature page hero cards
Biocode feature page assessment image
Mobile view of Biocode's homepage
Biocode feature page results image
Biocode for producers app in dark mode
Biocode app sign in page
Biocode app for producers overview page
Biocode app for producers assessment page
Example of Biocode's user interface elements
Another example of Biocode's user interface elements
Biocode for producers application teaser image