Mediasignal — 2019

Mediasignal homepage sketch in iPad



Project type

  • Web service
  • Branding
  • Commission
  • UI/UX/Brand design
  • Web development
  • Concept strategy
Made together with professionals from Porkka & Kuutsa and Mediasignal.

Mediasignal is building digital services and customer experiences according to their customer's vision. The company is renewing digital business' and strengthening brands with a creative touch.

I worked for Mediasignal over half a decade and was involved in hundreds of projects. Additionally, I was also responsible for refreshing Mediasignal's brand twice, from which the latter is the project you're viewing. This included logomark design, brand book crafting, business card design and website renewal.

Mediasignal homepage
Mediasignal blog page
Mediasignal company page
Alternate Mediasignal homepage
Mediasignal navigation
Mediasignal business card
Mediasignal logomark in light background
Mediasignal logomark in dark background
Mediasignal brand book: Logomark
Mediasignal brand book: Logomark safe area
Mediasignal brand book: Visual element
Mediasignal brand book: Typography
Mediasignal brand book: Imagery
Mediasignal brand book: Colors
Mediasignal brand book: Identity & Communications
Mediasignal brand book: Brand refreshment
Mediasignal brand book: Concept
Mediasignal company page
Mediasignal references page