Archive — 2010–2016

Vapriikki home page sketch in iPad





Project type

  • Web services
  • Web applications
  • Commissions
  • UI/UX/Brand designs
  • Web development
Some projects made together with people from various sources.

You really must like my stuff since you are already in the archive page. This collection contains mainly thumbnail images of my past work.

Featuring clients such as Fair Trade, Avecra, Jatke, City of Tampere and Vapriikki.

I'll be updating this page every now and then since I'm not yet done crawling all the archived folders in my NAS. 📀

Jatke project page
Fair trade home page
Vapriikki home page
Avecra homepage
Vapriikki brand guide landing page: Terrakotta
Vapriikki Dora Jung landing page
Enervent home page
Hotelzon home page
Steiner school home page
Piece of heaven home page
Finnish winter day home page
Vapriikki brand guide landing page: Strong